Q: How do you pronounce the company name?
A: The first part is pronounced MOD like modification. The second part ZIW as said in zoo.
Q: Why help the elephants?
A:   The elephant is part of the world’s culture from children's stories to Gods. But even since the beginning they have been hunted for their ivory tusks. Now that people know that the ivory they were buying comes from poaching it has slowed in their purchase. But because of the population growth farms are infringing on the elephants natural paths and they are being killed as a menace to the farmers. So it would be horrible to see such an intelligent giant go extinct.
Q: How is it that I help the elephant.
A:   Any time we here at MODZIW receive a job, part of the proceeds go to help the elephants. So there really is nothing that you need to do but have us do the job for you. Our rates are competitive even though we help the elephants.
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